My Top 5 ‘Unputdownable’ Reads!

My Top 5 ‘Unputdownable’ Reads!

Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to this week’s Top 5 Tuesday! This week’s prompt is…

Top 5 ‘Unputdownable’ Reads!

If you want to get involved go check out Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm’s post with the prompts (she also created it! So go give her lovely blog some love!💛)

Onward with the post!

‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline

I talk about this book all the time but it’s because I love it, I’m sorry. This book for me was very ‘Unputdownable’. I pick it up want to read it all in one go, then as soon as I finish it, I want to go ahead and pick it up again!

‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern

When I read this a couple weeks ago, I was enthralled! I literally didn’t want to put it down ever. Everything about it sucked me in so much and having recently heard that Morgenstern is releasing another book after 8 years, to say that I’m excited is an understatement!

‘The Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins

This book was such a perfect thriller/suspense book. It had me itching to know what was around the corner and I couldn’t bare to put it down and wait!

Anything Roald Dahl

I love to re-read Roald Dahl every now and then, especially if I’m in a reading slump. They remind me of why I read and why I love books so much. When I do read them, I read them quick, in one sitting! And I am always reluctant to leave them again and secretly look forward to the next Reading slump so I can pick them up again!

‘The Warehouse’ by Rob Hart

This was the Book I recently read which was my first Netgalley approval and I bloody loved it. I was hooked straight away and cherished every second I had reading that book! If you request books off Netgalley, I highly recommend requesting this book!!!

So they are my Top 5 ‘Unputdownable’ Reads! I have hundreds more but these are the ones I thought of first! What are yours? Have you done your own Top 5? Let me know in the comments!☺️💛

love, bella x

Announcing the Seventh Book of My Reading Challenge 2019!

Announcing the Seventh Book of My Reading Challenge 2019!

This was a book that I actually bought my mum for Christmas this year. I knew it would be something she’d like but I also secretly liked the sound of it myself and definitely bought it for me as much as her! (What book lover hasn’t bought a book for someone else knowing full well they will ask to borrow it?!)

So after she finally picked it up and read it, I swooped it up instantly! I love reading thriller/mystery books but they’re always the last thing I tend to buy myself therefore I’ve made a quiet pact to read more of them, so here we are!

First Impression

This type of cover is right up my street when it comes to thriller books and the title ‘Everything is Lies’ uhm yes pls??? I want to know what these lies are???


“No one is who you think they are.

Sophia’s parents lived quiet, ordinary lives. At least she thought so, until she came home to discover her mother hanged, and her father in a pool of blood.

Sophia is certain her mother didn’t try to kill her father – but clearing her name will draw Sophia deep into a past she never imagined.

A past that hides a dark and twisted secret…

Because if everything you’ve been told is lies, then how dangerous is the truth?”

This sounds like my perfect thriller/suspense book. I’m expecting this to be your standard whodunnit type of thing. I’m just hoping that the story line isn’t a predictable one!

Overall, I’m excited to read this book! I’ve been missing some good thriller novels in my life so I’m hoping that this fills that hole!

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!☺️

love, bella x

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Book Tag |#TyrionForTheThrone|

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Book Tag |#TyrionForTheThrone|

I am still in shock over last week’s episode and I’m not ready to talk about it just yet. However, to commemorate the last episode of Game of Thrones, yep, that’s right, the LAST EVER episode of Game of Thrones, I am going to be doing…

…queue epic hollywood voiceover man…

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Book Tag!

I was tagged in this tag by the lovely Alex @ WhimsyPages who found this tag on The Awkward Book Blogger, realised she couldn’t answer the questions then found some other posts done by Annemieke and Drew. So that is the tag I’ll be doing today! (didn’t want to miss out on tagging anyone lmao!)

Thank you to Alex for tagging me! She has a wonderful blog so make sure to go check it out!💛


Part 1 – Book Questions

Related image

“We do not sow” – A book you would not be willing to invest in

Probably the LOTR series. I have watched the films and do enjoy them but I just can’t read the books! I think I could force myself to and watch all the joy of that series be sapped out of me but I don’t want to do that to myself so I will happily continue not having read the LOTR series!

Image result for house tully

“Family. Duty. Honour.” – A book about strong family ties

Thinking about this I can’t actually think of any books I’ve read with strong family ties. It’s quite sad that the majority of YA and fantasy books have plots based on broken families! All I can think of right now is my recent read of ‘Harry Potter & the Cursed Child’ as there are strong friendship ties as well as the family tie between Harry and his son.

Image result for house stark

“Winter is coming” – Your favourite Winter read

My first answer would be all the Harry Potter’s because the Christmas’ are always the best. But that’s too easy. I can’t think of any books in particular but I’d go with fantasy books set in winter settings (Narnia), a good romance book or fairytales!

Image result for house baratheon flickr

“Ours is the fury” – A book that made you furious

This would probably have to be Twilight. When I first read Twilight I remember really enjoying it. I then revisited it and soon realised it’s not the best. It wasn’t that the book was so bad it made me furious but I was furious at my past self for thinking that I liked it so much. I’m also a bit furious at myself for wasting time re-reading it. (do you know how long breaking dawn is???)

Image result for house targaryen flickr

“Fire and blood” – A book thatproduced strong emotions in you

‘All The Bright Places’ by Jenny Niven gave me some strong emotions. Mostly because of how strongly I could relate to Finch. It strung some very deep heart strings and left me in a pool of my own tears. (You’ll get this dark reference if you’ve read it😭) Definitley due a re-read.

Image result for house lannister flickr

“Hear me roar”/”A Lannister always pays his debts” – A book you feel indebted to

I agree with Alex on this that any book I read as a child. I’m indebted to all those great authors who invited me in to wonderful world of fiction and I am forever in their debt. I can’t mention books in particular (there’s too many) but some of my notable authors are Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson, J.K Rowling and Cathy Cassidy (I loved the chocolate box girls growing up alright?!)

(Game of Thrones posters from Flickr)

Part 2 – My Game of Thrones

Would you win or die?

I mean c’mon, die. I would like to say that I’d win and ninja around like my girls Arya and Brienne, but in reality I would most definitely die. RIP Bella.

What House are you in?

I took inspiration from Alex (copied😉) and took the same quiz and my results were…

House Martell!

You are charming and clever. You are also as close to progressive as Westeros gets, believing in such strange concepts as women inheriting property and children having the right not to be tortured for their parents’ mistakes. Really, you have everything going for you except for the grudge-holding and the cockiness – for the Gods’ sake, take the time out of your day to stab your opponent twice, ok? I don’t care how dead he looks.

Thank you for reading, this was so fun to do and makes me a bit emotional that it will be over all too soon! Thank you again to Alex for tagging me!💛

I tag – Ally // Sailor // Lais // Elaine // YOU!

If I have tagged you, no pressure to do it ofc! If I haven’t and you want to do then go ahead, link me in the comments if you end up doing it!

Thank you all for reading and one quick question before I go, who do you want to sit on the Iron Throne? #ForTheThrone #TyrionForTheThrone

love, bella x

Reading Challenge Review – ‘Harry Potter & the Cursed Child’ *spoiler-free*

Reading Challenge Review – ‘Harry Potter & the Cursed Child’ *spoiler-free*

Hello all and welcome back to another reading challenge review!

This week is a special one because it’s a Harry Potter book! I was skeptical about this and to be honest I didn’t give it the time of day when it first came out. This is because I love Harry Potter. The Philosophers Stone to Deathly Hallows Harry Potter. That’s HP for me and always will be. However, I decided I would entertain the idea of a ’19 years later sequel’ and give this a try.

Let’s get into it!



So going into this book I was apprehensive and didn’t really know what to expect. I soon realised that it was a mix of old and new characters which was nice.

This was why I mainly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed revisiting the old characters. It gave me a special type of joy to see them again. The characters were the main reason I liked the book. The story was okay. I mean it was a good story and an enjoyable read but the reason I really enjoyed it was because I could re-visit characters that I loved so much.

It’s a story of love and friendship and focuses on father/son relationship which is a narrative that doesn’t get enough attention so I thought that was a nice addition.

Overall, I liked this book. Loved the characters, good story and themes. My only qualm is that I, personally, don’t take this as canon. I don’t feel that HP needed more or in my head will be adding this to the HP books. If anything, I see this book as just really good fan fiction. I can imagine reading this on Wattpad (those were the days) and thinking wow this is so cool. However, I just can’t take it as canon no matter how nice of a story it was.

Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read and spending time with those characters again was really special and I imagine seeing this as a play would be really cool. Good fan fiction, not canon!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Do you take it as canon? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!

love, bella x

Travels with my boyfriend! |we saw the Harry Potter bridge? he saw his first ever swan?!|

Travels with my boyfriend! |we saw the Harry Potter bridge? he saw his first ever swan?!|

Hello all you wonderful people! I hope everyone’s having a lovely week! Summer is definitely on it’s way, it’s currently 19°C (which may not seem a lot but here in the UK it’s quite hot!) Is it sunny where you are? Or is it holding on to the spring chill? Let me know!

Today’s post is going to be a bit different as I recently went away for the weekend and wanted to invite you all to see what I got up to! I also, as you already know, bought a camera recently and have been obsessed with taking photos and wanted somewhere to share them. Where is better than here! I’m sorry if this kind of thing is not what you want to see, I just thought it would be nice for you to get to know me through personal photos rather than just loads of questions!

So, here is my blog post of my travels with my boyfriend and my family! Enjoy!

Our journey was a long one. We were travelling from Huddersfield to Berwick (184 miles to be exact) My family were going in the car but me and my boyfriend decided to go by train, or should I say, 3 trains and 2 buses. This was the first photo of the travels.

Taken after train and bus number 1.

Arriving in York train station and looking for the way out!



We had 20 or so minutes to wait in York for train number 2 so we had a little look around, it’s a beautiful place!


Heading back into the train station for train number 2!


We arrived in Newcastle!


This wasn’t a statue, it was a guy pretending to be a statue! This photo creeps me out because if you look closely you can see he’s looking directly at the camera and I didn’t even know!


Just a beautiful photo of my baby next to a cool Metro sign. I didn’t know Newcastle has an underground!


We had longer to explore in Newcastle, therefore we sat under this thing (I don’t know what it is sorry lmao) and ate some lunch!


We also sat here and took photos of people! Hahaha we have no shame! (anyone else thinks he looks like Tom Jones???)


Then of course it wouldn’t be right unless I paid a visit to a beautiful bookshop!


This Waterstones architecture was insane! It also had 3 floors and a book cafe upstairs!


On our way back to the train station for train number 3, our final train!


The views as we were pulling into Berwick were beautiful!


We finally made it! After 3 trains, 1 bus (1 bus still to go) we made it to Berwick-upon-Tweed!


And the first thing we did was get donuts! If anyone has had British Seaside Donuts then you know what I’m talking about!


We realised there wasn’t a bus to the holiday park for another hour so we went to sit at the quayside which was so beautiful!


We were very tired at this point!


Harry Potter bridge anyone???


We made it to the holiday park! We freshened ourselves up and I did my makeup so I no longer looked like a zombie!


There were so many swans there it was beautiful! Jakob also informed me that he’d never seen a Swan in real life before so that was something ticked off his bucket list hahah!


Me and my nephew. He keeps doing the peace sign, god knows where he’s got it from!


There were also lots of Geese (which I am terrified of, don’t ask) and baby geese which were adorable and so placid!


There was this grass couch (I don’t know why but it was pretty cool!) so we made sure to take photos on it before we left!


Last night races between Jakob and my nephew!


And that was that! Back on the platforms for the trains back home!


So that’s what I got up to this weekend! I hope you enjoyed reading this but I understand it’s not for everyone. I just wanted to document it anyway and thought it would be nice to share with you all.

Thank you for reading!

love, bella x

My Top 5 Magical Creatures!

My Top 5 Magical Creatures!

Hello guys and welcome to my second Top 5 Tuesday! It feels so good to be back blogging even though I was only gone for three days!

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm so head on over to this post to see the upcoming prompts!

This week’s prompt is…

Top 5 Magical Creatures!

Let’s get into it!

  1. The Swan – The Swan Princess

Related image

I’m not sure if this counts as a magical creature but I’ve always regarded swans as pretty bloody magical! The Swan Princess was my FAVOURITE film growing up and even though the story of the swan is sad it’s still magical and I love swans!

2. Dragons – Game Of Thrones

Image result for dragons game of thrones

I couldn’t have a list of magical creatures and not include Dragons. Dragons are present in many fantasy settings but I think GoT’s portrayal is my favourite. I love how fierce but loyal the dragons are especially to Dany. They are scary but magnificent creatures! I think they would be the top of my list to see in real life!

3. Buckbeak – Harry Potter

Image result for buckbeak

Buckbeak is just the sweetest. Harry Potter is a goldmine of magical creatures but Buckbeak tops my list. It’s beautiful yet intimidating and loyal as shit. These things make the best magical creatures.

4. Aragog – Harry Potter

Image result for aragog

As a result of HP having too much to choose from I chose another! This may be surprising but let me make this clear. I do not particularly like Aragog or would want to see him in real life! Yet the idea was so creative and so stupidly terrifying that I think it deserves to be on this list! Plus if Hagrid loves him, I suppose I have to love him too!

5. Aslan – Narnia

Image result for aslan

Finally, I have to add Aslan from Narnia. I loved Narnia growing up and it was one of the first fantasy series I got attached to along with Harry Potter. I loved Aslan’s character and the fact he was a big cuddly lion made it all the better!

So, there we have my Top 5 Magical Creatures! This was so fun to do! Do you agree with any of mine? Have you done your own Top 5 Tuesday post? If so, leave your links below, I want to see your answers!

Thank you for reading!

love, bella x

Announcing the Sixth Book of My Reading Challenge!

Announcing the Sixth Book of My Reading Challenge!

Welcome to week six! I feel like I’ve been away for ages! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA on here with posts and blog hopping since Friday, I’ve been on holiday and there was no service😫

I’m currently on the train back home so I’m going to keep this short and all should be back to normal by tomorrow☺️

My sixth book for my Reading Challenge is …

‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’ by J.K Rowling.

I bought this as soon as it came out and have been meaning to read it but I just couldn’t do it! I was a bit apprehensive of what it even was but here goes nothing I guess!

First Impressions

To be honest, I don’t really know anything about this book. I know that’s it’s a play? Or something like that so it’s not an actual book? But the script has been printed into a book? I think that’s about right! I remember the hype when it came out but never saw anything about the actual plot so I’m going in completely blind with this one!


I have some expectations because this is J.K Rowling and it’s even a HP story but I’m holding these expectations back. HP for me finished with DH and will never go further than that. With that said, I’m keeping my mind open and just enjoying it as a story but I’m not sure about accepting it into the HP series. We will have to see!

I’m very excited to read this one, catch up with me on Friday for my review!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know in comments!

love, bella x