Reading Challenge Book Fourteen! |the time for the end is now|

Hello and welcome to a brand new week! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Since this past week all I have been thinking of is the Illuminae files and getting my hands on Obsidio. Let me tell you, it took a while and has put me behind schedule a lot. Alas, I decided that it was worth being able to read Obsidio straight away rather than read another book while I waited for Obsidio.

I now however, have a lot of catching up to do! So I hope you all appreciate this! (just kidding, I did this completely for myself😂)

Let’s get into my first impressions and expectations of Obsidio!

First Impressions

  • My first impressions on reading the blurb are ‘woah what the fuck? We have another boy\girl duo?! and it’s Asha?! These writers never fail to surprise me!’
  • I’m glad that it follows on from where it left off, it always makes it more exciting and more easy to understand and get into!
  • I was initially a bit scared of a new duo because I was hoping for Nik/Hannah vs Kady/Ezra but I guess that will come later? With all three duos hopefully?


  • I expect BIG things! HUGE in fact, tbh I had never read the blurb until now and now I have completely different expectations then before so I don’t really know what to think!
  • I’m expecting (hoping for) some sort of meet between all the duos because that would make my life.
  • I have no idea what to expect in terms fo the actual plot, I’m sure I will be blown away by all the plot twists.

Overall thoughts

My overall thoughts are that I wonder what the record is for the shortest time to read a book? Because I may beat that! I’m currently sat in the bank while I noted this down because I wanted to star the book now and not have to wait till I got home! I think I will adore this book and I think this series will become my favourite and stick with me for a long time to come.

That’s it guys! Now I have to get into the book without any further hesitation! Thank you for reading! My review of Obsidio will be up on Friday! Till then I will be hiding with my nose buried in it!

Till next time,

love, bella x


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